In the Banking area, the Prim 41 software offer easy, fast and Document Secure check on a base of professional authentication functionality without requiring any specialist operating knowledge or skills.It allows you by simply placing the  document scanning, inspection, authentication ofDomestic and International  documents in a seconds.

A forgery is an alteration or misrepresentation of an original document whereas a counterfeit is a complete imitation. Most laypeople, including , bank tellers, casino cage workers, and store clerks, who are often put in the position of ensuring that a customer has a valid ID, are not qualified to determine the authenticity of ID documents. Even border and forensic document inspectors, who undergo substantial training in the Questioned Document Examination (QDE) process, often do not have enough time to truly authenticate each and every document that passes through their station, although they might be able to pick obvious fakes out quickly due to experience.

In a 2006 audit conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, authorities were able to use fake IDs in 18 out of 18 cases to enter the country — despite qualified forensic document inspection. Incidentally, when those same IDs were run through our system, they were caught.

For Bank Applications (PMS) we offer Automatic patented technology for the best Passport/ID Authentication!!!!

The “Passport and ID card Reading-Prim41” System consist of:

  1. Full page Scanner with Normal + IR + UV + RFID (Coaxial lights-optional) and.
  2. “Passport and ID card Reading-Prim41” software.

The System scan :

  1. The documents that are conform to the ICAO 9303 and ISO 7501 specification for reading MRZ ( Machine Readable Zone) information
  2. Non ICAO conformable (DL; ID; some passports).

The system support , the world’s most advanced ID authentication system for identity documents such as passports, visas, driver’s licenses, military IDs, social security cards, alien registration cards, and other Federal, state, and local government IDs including driver’s licenses and identification cards from all over the world, by using unique reference database containing more than 2,500 documents.

Insert an ID/Passport into an supported document reader. Within seconds, software will identify the issuer and type of document, capture all of the biographic and document information, and analyze the features of the document under multiple light spectrum to determine whether the document is consistent with the known features of the particular document type. Based on the results of this analysis, will provide a risk assessment that indicates the likelihood that the document is authentic or fraudulent. That is the essence of the solution.

If the document secure check is OK then the “Passport and ID card Reading-Prim41” software sends all the data into the Bank & Finance Applications. Face image, signature image and an image of the entire document can be send into the other business application or directory.

If the document secure check is not OK then the “Passport and ID card Reading-Prim41” software ask user for “Manual control” for detail control or “Skip”.

Note please that – the “Passport and ID card Reading-Prim41” software does not store any Document data. It serves only to transfer data from personal and travel documents into an application from.