P R I M 41 – Passport Reading Identity card Management Solutions; OCR+MSR+BCR+RFID (Four functions in one solution) in short way:

We have had the first installations in big 4* and 5* Hotels complexes since 2005. As you know the big problem in hotels/Airport business is fast and correct “Check in” procedure, when the visitors come in the Front desk. Usually the reception desk staff takes the Passports/IDs and after that many hour TYPE manually PASS/ID DATA on the reception desk PC. Our solution (Reader/Scanner + PRIM 41 software) enables the automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into various Hotel Application software in a few seconds. It functions in the way that after the document has been scanned the ID Reader automatically recognises the type of document and then extracts all the textual data from the scanned image.

Our software can be install to ALL KIND of Hospitality PMS systems – Opera PMS (all versions); Fidelio v.8 PMS; Protel PMS; Amadeus – Hogatex… and work without problems. On the same time when you “swipe” the bank Debit, Credit card we automatically fill – card No; expire date, card owner information. Many 5* and 4* Hotels use our system.

Advantages to use system:

  • Speed
  • No need of manual typing document data
  • Аaccuracy, Еxactness, Аauthenticity, reliability of Document data
  • No need to Keep the Documents on reception desk
  • Prestige