Document Inspection & Authentication at Border Control Points; Bank MS, Government, Police MS and etc.

Passport readers are installed at immigration check-points of almost all countries in the world. They are used to read standard ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) travel documents as well as non-standard documents designed for different purposes. Readers have evolved from the capability to only read the machine readable zone, to full page image capturing, and lately to the ePassport chip reading capability. The device helps control-point officers to automate the input of passenger information and now has become an integral part of an overall passenger identity verification scheme.

Prim 41 has provided customized document Authentication and Document data reading solutions and interface by needed software setting to the all Application management system (AMS)

New passport readers can capture high-resolution images (i.e. min. 500dpi or higher), using different light sources (i.e. Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, Coaxial) and other lighting arrangements based on hardware designs by different vendors. Various security features such as UV patterns , MLI (Multi-Laser Image)and RFID reading then form the basis for performing travel document authentication.

With more and more countries issue ICAO compliant ePassports, a passport reader can perform basic authentication at the front line (i.e. Basic Access Control, Passive and Active Authentication). The reader software usually includes a set of ePassport functions that help the backend system to implement the public key certificate verification and chip authentication. By working closely with various immigration users,  Prim41 not only provides the MRZ data reading and related ePassport functions but integrates them into user’s control point systems.

This software makes the world’s most advanced ID authentication system for identity documents such as passports, visas, driver’s licenses, military IDs, social security cards, alien registration cards, and other Federal, state, and local government IDs including driver’s licenses and identification cards from all over the world.

Insert an ID / Passport into the supported document reader. Within seconds,  software will identify the issuer and type of document, capture all of the biographic and document information, and analyze the features of the document under multiple light spectrums to determine whether the document is consistent with the known features of the particular document type. Based on the results of this analysis, will provide a risk assessment that indicates the likelihood that the document is authentic or fraudulent. That is the essence of the solution.

The run-time authentication engine that can automatically identify an ID of any size or from any issuer and determine its authenticity by performing a variety of forensic-quality tests, specific to the type of document. ID Document Authentication Library  provide the details on how to recognize and authenticate over 3,200different types of IDs, including passports, visas, national identity cards, drivers licenses, and many other forms of ID.

The document library are updated quarterly to ensure that customers always have access to the most up-to-date documents in a world where new forms of ID are released every day.